Services Overview

For a successful sales process, we recommend 5 pillars : 


•We analyze the factors that made your brand successful on your local market. Are these present in the United States?

•We understand your competition both online and offline, its positioning and how to complement it.

•We create efficient sales tools such as: brand presentation, sales manual, product cheat-sheet, catalog, price lists, sales conditions, and translate packaging when needed. We adapt your training manual to local norms.



•We provide a prestigious Manhattan address, with access to an office, and a local phone number to make it easy for your clients to reach you.

•We provide trend reports to keep you up to date with news in the US business world.

•We take care of all administrative aspects for you, including customer service. 



•We contact targeted buyers.

•We organize onsite presentations with buyers throughout the US.

•We study prospects' current offering and design propositions to implement and develop your brand within their selection.

•We provide monthly reports on actions, results and feedback, as well as a planning for the month/quarter to come.


•We schedule a master training during brand implementation, followed by a reminder every 6 months.

•We propose a calendar of promotional actions during the first quarter: New products launch, brand education, product demonstrations, and sweepstakes. We evaluate the revenue generated after each action, preparing for the following quarter.


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•We work at discounted rates with the best experts in Public Relations and social media, who have been nurturing business relationships with US influencers for years.

•Whether you want to work with your own PR agency, or would like to embed PR in our services, we can manage them and make sure that sales and Public Relations work hand in hand.